Man Cave Music Camps

Music for the Savage Beast

MCMC’s Mission Statement


MCMC’s aim is to celebrate the community of men through music. MCMC’s goal is to create an environment where music is as meaningful as it was before we became linked to technology.

The tradition of music and dance started in the kitchens of ordinary people. Family and friends would come together to eat, drink, tell stories, sing songs, play music and dance. MCMC is looking to recreate that casual, light-hearted atmosphere of family, friends and neighbors who enjoy playing music. Test

MCMC welcomes all levels of musicianship to our Camps & Classes. There are no judgments on how well you can sing and play. If you enjoy playing music then we want you to be a part of us. MCMC is a safe, friendly, and supportive environment where you can play and sing music!

Each MCMC will have at least one class designed for the beginning player. Even if you have never played an instrument, you will find yourself right at home at the MCMC.
MCMC will have resources available to newer musicians to help them practice in-between sessions.

If you are an intermediate or advanced player, MCMC’s could add to your craft. Experienced musicians are asked to help those who have never had a chance to play in front of other people and share their knowledge. Together, we can make the music we love.

Members may want to play here and nowhere else. What’s important to me is the comfort level of playing for everyone at MCMC

The encouragement from the each member will make it easy for people to get to know one another. Members will find a feeling of a reunion each time we get together.

You are welcome to bring snacks to share, and any non-alcohol drinks if you wish.
MCMC’s real purpose is…

Play what you feel and Feel what you play.