Man Cave Music Camps

Music for the Savage Beast

Frequently Asked Questions

“Who is MCMC designed for?”

MCMC is designed for Male adults who are interested in music. Those who consider themselves amateur musicians and those who are advanced and/or professional are also welcome, along with players in between.

“How old do you have to be for MCMC?”

MCMC is designed for 21 years or older. However we do offer Father Son Classes

“What do I need to bring?”

Please bring your instrument. If you have any music stands, please bring them too. Drums will be provided if you want. Materials will be supplied at no cost to you. But you must bring a three ring binder to keep the written materials in. You can always go to the website to download any materials you have misplaced or forgotten.

Feel free to bring your own gear etc.

“Do I need to know how to read music?”

No, I have created the JHN notation system that makes learning music easy and clear.

“How are the MCMC formed?”

After you complete the registration form, you will receive a MCMC questionnaire containing some basic questions regarding your musical interests, camp goals and other information regarding your musical tastes

“How long is MCMC?”

MCMC’s are 90 minutes long. The class lengths vary so check the website for that info.

“What style of music is covered at MCMC?”

Every kind of music can be learned at MCMC. Check out the files page to learn more.

“Where is MCMC located?”